(More Listings To Come!) If you live in the California Central Valley, there are so many options to enjoy fair trade! Here are local stores and other resources to find and buy fair… Continue reading

10 Tips For Shopping “Fair Labor”

All the sites and Info you need to shop for ethical products you’ll love.  Even one of these will make your experience oh so easy. Get ready to “bookmark” some incredible websites! 1.… Continue reading

“Department” Stores

If I could design my dream department store, it would look like these online stores. The bonus? No getting lost finding “menswear.” These stores have partnered with many artisans and small businesses to… Continue reading


The holidays are a meaningful time of celebration. Make spirits bright with unique holiday decor, delicious food, and other fare that are also meaningful. Joy, indeed! As we draw near to the holidays,… Continue reading


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Be proud to wear these stylish and “freeing” threads. This is where fashion and justice meet. Whether your a man, woman, child, impressively literate baby, whatever your  look, you can find it here.… Continue reading

Fun Stuff

What is fun? It might just be here. We have sports equipment, musical instruments, puzzles, games, toys, and things that aren’t any of those things, but are just…fun. Quality fun. And seriously well… Continue reading

Houseware + Decor

This stuff isn’t just for the home, but it certainly covers almost everything you need and want for your home for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, office, bathroom, garden, garage, living room, doghouse,… Continue reading

Bath, Body, and Beauty

Who said beauty had to be only skin deep? The beauty of these cosmetics, hair, body care products is that they pamper you with their nourishing, quality, natural ingredients, AND they support the beautiful… Continue reading


Flowers bring joy to those who receive…and with these flowers, the joy is throughout the supply line. All of these flowers are Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance Certified, so you know that the… Continue reading


It’s never been easier to plan a wedding  using  fair, ethical, and sustainable made products.  From  gift registries for fair trade companies to conflict free precious jewelry and unique paper baubles to stunning… Continue reading

Coffee + Tea, Please

Sure, we have a Food + Beverage section, but there are so many businesses that just do coffee, tea, or both, that they needed their own section. And frankly, we’re okay with that.… Continue reading


Whether you are looking for sandals, boots, dress shoes, sports footwear, kids shoes, or something very different, we’ve got your feet covered. We have a range of show lines from cute bargains to… Continue reading


Brilliant Earth Conflict-free gems and metals used for unique and stylish rings Made By Survivors A wide array of jewelry made survivors of human trafficking around the world Freedom Stones Jewelry from Thailand,… Continue reading

Food + Beverage

This is your most awesome grocery store! Find organic, fair trade, and delicious foods and cooking/baking ingredients, including unique items like blue rice. Also, an entire section of glorious chocolate, which we firmly… Continue reading