Coffee + Tea, Please

Sure, we have a Food + Beverage section, but there are so many businesses that just do coffee, tea, or both, that they needed their own section. And frankly, we’re okay with that. Support small farms, coops, and families, whose practices also protect and sustain their environment. We can drink to that!

P.S,.. as there are A LOT of these businesses, we’ll be continuing to add them. We suggest buying from multiple businesses and having tasting parties.



Art of Tea carries fair trade and organic loose leaf green, black, white, oolong, pu-erh, rooibos teas, a variety of chai and tea blends, matcha, blooming tea, iced tea bags, yerba mate, guayusa, rare and single origin teas, caffeine free tea, herbal infusions, and gift tea sets, as well as tea accessories and gift sets.

Bhakti 4-dry-tea-tins


Bhakti Chai carries fair trade bottled cold chai in concentrate form and gallons, a variety of dry chai tea in tins, and clothing accessories.



EcoTeas is fair trade, organic, kosher, non-gmo and specializes in yerba mate. They also carry rooibos, rooibos chai, black, and green teas, both in satchets and loose leaf, and tulsi, plus yerba mate accessories.


Peace Coffee carries many varieties of coffee, whole bean and ground, as well as cocoa mixes, many varieties of black and green teas, chai mixes, herbal infusions,  tea accessories, mugs, and gift items.



Coffee in bags and in bulk (Think socials and other events), plus teas, brewing equipment, like single cup drip mugs, coffee buying helps, educational materials like a “bean to bar” chocolate teaching kit, and more.

1dded-nectaroflifeNECTAR OF LIFE

From the Pacific NW, Nectar of Life is a kosher certified coffee roaster that only roasts shade grown, certified organic Fair Trade coffees.

Fairly made Darjeeling Tea of which proceeds help educate young women in Darjeeling, India

Selling Choice Tea and Thanksgiving Coffee Co.of Thanksgiving Coffee Co:

In 2003, Ugandan farmer JJ Keki walked door-to-door asking his Muslim, Christian, and Jewish neighbors to leave behind a history of conflict, and unite to face their struggle against poverty caused by low coffee prices. The farmers came together, and founded a cooperative to build peace and prosperity in their community.”

Gather! Coffee & Tea Company

Chocolate and Banana Dessert tea- Whaaaaat?Gather! Has a unique and classic array of organic fair trade coffee,  loose and blooming tea, and  cocoa


Lanna Coffee carries a variety of specially roasted coffee, cultivated by Thai hill tribesmen in an effort to support community development and prevent child sex trafficking.

SERRV tea basket


SERRV carries fair trade  Just Coffee varieties, whole and ground, Singing Rooster Mountain Bleu, Camino chili and spice cocoa, and herbal teas in a gift basket or satin bag.