Fun Stuff

What is fun? It might just be here. We have sports equipment, musical instruments, puzzles, games, toys, and things that aren’t any of those things, but are just…fun. Quality fun. And seriously well made.

Made By Survivors: KidsFelt toys and accessories for kids
Ten Thousand Village: Musical InstrumentsHandmade drums, flutes, singing bowls, and more
Ten Thousand Villages: Games and ToysAn array of unique toys, stuffed toys, wooden puzzles, board games, musical instruments, even a stuffed cat toy, and more.
Smart ArkEthically made Islamic toys and books for children
4 the 1: Wooden games Hand carved wooden puzzles and games
Trade As One: Toys and SportsToys from many businesses represented, including “string dolls” pictured above, sports equipment, stuffed dolls, bead animals, wooden toys, pencil pouches, sticker books, and more.
Fair Indigo: JobblesFair trade stuff animals and baby accessories
Lacuma: Gourd toys and instruments
Maracas, boxes, dolls, keychains, and more.