Houseware + Decor

This stuff isn’t just for the home, but it certainly covers almost everything you need and want for your home for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, office, bathroom, garden, garage, living room, doghouse, kid’s room, and whatever other rooms and space you have. Maybe a treehouse?

There is a wide array of items that reflect the culture of the artisan who create them on six continents, but don’t put what you expect from fair labor in a box. There are surprises, delights,  and your own personal style to be found around every corner.

Ten Thousand Villages
A vast array of items for around the house, including furniture, kitchen and dining utensils, home decor, artwork, dishware, baskets, bowls, bed and bath items,  frames, garden/outdoor decor, and more.
Rugs, furniture, stroller blankets, and other bedding made in  India.
EQUAL EXCHANGE: Coffee and Tea Equipment
Kettles, french presses, drippers, filters, and more.
EQUITA: Lifestyle
Elegant and unique items for every part of the house, including bedding, kitchen linens, office accessories, picture frames, dinnerware, baskets, house decor, mats and rugs,  and more.
Peruvian 3D art quilts, gourd art decor, and more.
Delicate Fortress: Sari Throws
Delicate throws made from recycled saris
Trade As One: Home 
What don’t they carry? Items include rugs, garden supplies, kitchen and BBQ tools, bowls, baskets, frames, trash baskets, house decor, table clothes and napkins, and more.
4 the 1: Home Decor
Pillows, photo frames and clips, bell ornaments, boxes, napkin rings, and more
Goodweave is a non-profit organization  seeking to end child slave labor in rug making. This site has links to businesses selling Goodweave certified rugs and carpets.
Organic Fair Trade: Bedding
High quality organic bedding, including for baby
Guildcraft Carpets
Intricate Goodweave certified rugs in custom sizes.