About GLS

**Global Love Shopping is an informational site. We do not sell any products. All businesses promoted are independent of our site.**

People being able to find and buy well made products by people who make quality products, while being treated and paid justly. That’s the way business is supposed to be.

At Global Love Shopping, my aim is to connect buyers with businesses who are part of making this happen. Global Love Shopping seeks to make responsible and just shopping accessible and easier to do.
I also aim to encourage just businesses practices so that this become more normal; more common

The Products + Businesses + The Workers+ You
Some of the companies were created to produce a product and have committed to fair, sustainable businesses practices. Some of the businesses were created for the purpose of providing a means of income for the people they serve, whether the people are at-risk for exploitation, survivors of slavery or other abuse, those seeking to overcome poverty, etc.
These are great, beautiful, well made items that reflect the skill of talented artisans, attentive farmers, creative minds, etc. More so, these items are providing a fair income to individuals and families… to those in America as well as around the world… to communities of people… to survivors of abuse, sex trafficking, and/ or other forms of slavery… simply, to people, who should be paid fairly for the work of their hands.
Buying these products means someone gets a fair wage for their talent and hard work.

About The Founder
In 2002 I first learned about the use of child slaves in the harvest of cacao that is used to make chocolate by the world’s top chocolate companies. I felt helpless and responded by ceasing to eat chocolate.
As I went on a journey to discover and respond to the reality of slavery used in the products we buy, I found that an important way to act is to encourage responsible labor practices and support businesses that are doing so. Not For Sale, a major anti-human trafficking organization and founders of Free2Work, has shared that companies are responding to consumers who ask for fair labor.
At first, I found it difficult to find fair labor products. Fortunately, the number of fair trade, empowering businesses is growing and continuing to grow .
I started GLS in 2010 to make fair labor shopping easier for the average person in order to encourage responsible shopping.
My passion is not shopping, though when I do, I want to be able to buy fairly made products.
What I am passionate about are the people who have made the beautiful products featured on this site.
I’m also passionate about ending the practice of slavery, sweat shop labor, and irresponsible use of our global community’s resources, including the communities themselves. I’m driven by God’s heart, who calls His people to cease oppressing those who are poor and vulnerable, and instead to be their advocates and partners.
How we shop can be part of needed change in the world. We can help end slavery in our shopping.

Feedback + Contact

I hope to continually improve this site and your feedback is vital. Is there a type of product you feel is missing that you are looking for? Are there any ways this site can be designed to be more helpful? Are you a fair labor business and would like to have you shop on Global Love?
Also, if you bought a product from any of the shops on this site, please let us know and give us any feedback about your purchase!
Contact Brandi by email at brandiangela78@gmail.com or call (559) 715-2787.

Grace + Peace,
Brandi Nuse-Villegas